Hey everyone, here is an update that I posted to my Gofundme, but forgot to post here. More exciting updates coming shortly!


Update from Kevin: Saskatoon and the (un)fortunate events that followed.


Saskatoon was my first tournament of the year traveling with Team Manitoba. I was most senior of all the athletes this time- a new generation is coming up! Some of these athletes were ones I had coached in the past as well. It was great to interact with the team and build team spirit. Manitoba came away with one silver medal and lots of tough matches. 

After winning my first two games in Saskatoon at the Prairie Elite, I slipped and fell, injuring my ankle quite severely.  The doctors on site suspected that I broke it. The nurses who looked at my ankle at the hospital also assumed the same. After X-Rays it was confirmed that it was /not/ broken and instead was just a severe high ankle sprain. However new bone scans show that it is fractured in two places.  I am currently unable to work and stuck in a boot and on crutches. However, this has let me get some other things in order as I’m catching up on communication, creating a stronger training plan, and researching best practices to continue the journey.


This injury has also made some tournament decisions very easy. I will not be playing the Alberta Elite, or the Santo Domingo International, or the Herb Richard in Manitoba. Instead, I will be focusing on rehabbing my ankle and working on getting my shoulder and left foot in top condition after their last injuries as well. I am also continuing to coach as much as I can while on crutches and helping those athletes who are still able to compete.


Thank you everyone for your support! I look forward to getting back on court stronger and more determined than ever!



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