Cuba International

Hello Everyone,

I got 600 world ranking points for playing in the last 16 in Cuba.

Quite honestly it was a disappointing match in many ways. Before the match my warm up was interrupted by a long discussion about how to pay for hotels. The price they quoted me was almost three times as much as originally quoted, and then my match was delayed an other hour, during which I ran errands to banks, and showed the tournament prospectus to many people who demanded I pay right away. In the end I got on court unfocused and with a headache from trying to speak Spanish. It was the TV court, and yet things seemed to function very unprofessionally. The line judges clapped and cheered against me, and the umpire didn’t run the match very tightly. I played quite well at the end, and made a comeback, but it was too little too late, and I lost in a 45 minute match.

The hall was very slow, and attacking didn’t work at all, and my lifts were quite short at the start. I fought to play the proper tactical game, but didn’t really play properly till the end.

It was a huge learning experience. Tactically I have never had to deal with birds that were that slow, and mentally I have never felt that I had to fight against the whole situation.

The first day when I arrived I waited for three hours for the bus to go to my practice time. the shuttle never arrived and I went back to my room. The struggle to get to the court continued all tournament. I spent a lot of money on pay phones trying to get ahold of anyone who would help me.

Cuba was an amazing experience, and a place to learn a lot. I am excited to get back to training and find ways to overcome the next set of hurdles.

Thank you everyone for all your support. I will know this Thursday exactly how many places I jumped in the world rankings, but it was almost 300 places I believe.
Thank you for your support!



Brazil International

Brazil International

Yesterday my play at Brazil International ended with a tough loss to Italy in the last 32. I gained 920 world ranking points in the process.

I am really pleased with the training and my adjustments that I made here, as well as my overall competition performance. Losing is never fun, but I am playing at a good level, and only improving. I am pleased to be competing with people who train full time and compete at three or four times as many International events as me. This is a good sign. I am doing the right things and making progress.

I leave on Sunday for Cuba. Looking forward to improving on my performance and continuing to push my limits.


I have a long journey in front of me–good thing I like to sweat! haha. If you are interested in supporting me, check out my gofundme. or email me at

Thank you everyone.


Jamaica International

Jamaica International

Hi Everyone!

Jamaica International has come to an end for me. I won my first two matches in some well fought matches, but lost my third to Osleni from Cuba.  I am quite happy with performance so far as I had to fight back a few times to win my first two matches. I feel that I am making progress and improving my aggression and style of play as well as my consistency.

Thank you guys so much for your support. I head to Brazil next. It looks like I will have a really tough first round. Hoping to bring my energy and momentum into that match.

If you are interested in helping, check out my gofundme

Thanks everyone!


To Coach


I really enjoy coaching, wether it is in China or North America it is always a great way to share the knowledge others have shared with me, while helping kids grow in their own way. When a kid gets something right and lights up it is one of the best feelings in the world as a coach. Being able to have some part to play in that excitement and passion is a real privilege. Coaching isn’t just work, or opportunity, it is a privilege. I get to share my own passion for the sport and for learning with kids who are also eager to move ahead and learn things.

Part of coaching is keeping my own desire and passion to learn and improve alive. For me keeping that fire alive is easiest when I surround myself with people who have the same intent and who are better than me. Sometimes that happens in training, sometimes at competitions.

As I head to these competitions this week (Jamaica, Brazil, Cuba) my intent is to want it (victory) more than anyone else. And to spend the time I have learning and improving. For myself, and for the kids I coach.

Cheers to leaving blood, sweat, and tears on the court, or wherever we are in life.

Headed South!

Headed South!

Hi Everyone!

Thanks to generous sponsors and people I am headed to Jamaica, Brazil, and Cuba for their respective International Tournaments. I leave feb 25 for a few weeks of tournaments!

Since Nationals I have been training, working, and coaching, in Manitoba preparing as best I can for these tournaments.  A few people here have been key in helping me improve and work on my game and I really appreciate their help!

I am very excited to be competing again, and hopefully improve upon my past results. I have learned a lot these past few months, and I am excited to put it all into practice!

Thanks again to everyone who supports me!


Malaysia International

While training in China I got to play the Malaysia International. It was a rough match because I ate some bad food and found myself quite sick going into the game. However, it was a good experience to see the level at a small international tournament in Asia. it was quite different than playing in Pan America.

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Mexico International

Thanks to the Generosity of some good friends I was able to go play the Mexico International in Aguascalientes. I lost in the round of 16, but  it was a great experience and I found some real parts of my game that need improvement. It was also hard to see my level drop after my training in China, but it was good to see what needed done to get back to playing better.

Part 1:

Part 2: