Kevin Barkman

Professional Athlete 

High Performance Coach

Leading the way for future generations.

Join Kevin in paving the way for kids to compete at every level.  



Kevin Barkman is a professional badminton athlete with a passion to invest what he learns through international competition. He  is a self funded international athlete who works full time as a high performance coach. His goal is to qualify for the World Championships, and with the right support, the Olympics. 

Kevin loves competing and learning from the best in the world. He knows that the career of an athlete is short lived, but the lessons learned while competing internationally are invaluable for the future of the sport. Kevin’s long term goal is to lead the way for the next generation of athletes to make their dent in the badminton world circuit. Training practices, technical, tactical, and physical training in Canada are all behind the rest of the world. The athletes who make it must learn through trial and error, or have resources to live and train elsewhere. Kevin seeks to open this pathway by learning and implementing international level training for kids in Manitoba, particularly the hard working and talented. 

Kevin’s story and the expertise he is passing on is already inspiring and helping the next generation. He wants to maximize his input through succeeding at the next level internationally. Kevin does not come from affluence – his parents were missionaries – and he has made it to the top 260 in the world through a lot of perseverance, hard work, and help from individuals, and small business. Kevin has already coached many athletes into the national level, some into junior pan-am games, and a few into qualification for Junior World Championships.

 After years of investing in international competition, in 2022 Kevin was offered a chance to train and play league in Denmark. This is a great opportunity as well as confirmation that the best in the world believe in his ability to succeed. It will also require sponsorship to cover expenses due to the time involved in travel and training at this level. 

GOALS: 2023 World Championships  World ranking of 100


  • Learn from the best as he competes internationally 
  • Lead the way for the next generation of athletes
  • Build character & confidence into the kids he coaches
  • Give less privileged kids increased opportunity and visibility


Badminton within Canada is self funded, meaning we as athletes find our own funding. For myself this means building a base of supporters who believe in what I am doing, what I bring to the community, and where I am going from here. 


  • Positive business exposure, locally and internationally
  • Kevin coaches and trains in many local arenas, gyms, schools, and rec centers.
  • He does volunteer coaching as well as his work as a coach. 
  • Social media exposure. Kevin has a large following on facebook, instagram, twitter, and on his website, These online platforms reach all over canada, and internationally. 
  • A chance to help influence the next generation. Kevin believes sports are the greatest way to help kids build good character, confidence, self discipline, respect for others, and much more. Whether a kid goes on to compete internationally or simply plays for his school provincially, these values will impact the future of our community, the world we live in, and the future of each kid’s life. 


  • Monthly sponsorship / yearly sponsorship. This gives you advertising on all social media, online, and on my jersey. This is a long term partnership. 
  • Sponsor an event. This is a one time sponsorship for Kevin to play a specific event. Your business will be advertised online in all related posts. 

GOFUNDME (for those who just want to support me)


Kevin is a self-funded Manitoban badminton athlete who has been competing internationally for the past 7 years .After making the semi-final at Canada Winter Games in 2015 he had to take a break from competition due to lack of funding. He continued to train, work, and study as he invested all he gained in international competition and into athletes he coached. His diligence and a generous sponsor gave him the opportunity to train with the top world’s men’s singles coach LiMao in 2017. In 2018 he set his studies aside to work, train, and compete full-time. As his level has improved so has the time needed for training and competition – and his need for support. 



Many rounds of 16 international events with the following quarter final appearances. 

  • Quarter Finals MD 2022 Mexico International Challenge 
  • Quarter Final MXD 2019 Guatemala International Series 
  • Quarter Final MS 2018 USA International Series
  • Quarter Finals MD 2016 Canada Open


  • Semi Finals MS 2022 Western Sr Elite
  • Champion MD 2022 MB Provincial Championships
  • Finalist MD, MS, 2022 Cryptocoin Company Open
  • Finalist MD, MS 2021 Herb Richard Open
  • Champion MS 2021 Prairie Bee Open
  • Semi Finals MD, MXD 2021 Prairie Bee Open
  • Semi Finals MS 2020 Alberta Series 
  • Champion MD 2019 Alberta Series #2
  • Semi Finals MS 2019 Alberta Series #2
  • Finalist MD 2019 Alberta Series #1
  • Champion MD 2019 MB Provincial Championships
  • Finalist MS 2019 MB Provincial Championships
  • Quarter Finals MD 2018 BC Elite Serie


BWF : Profile

Redeemer University College: Profile, Hamilton Spectator,

Spokane: KHQ

Manitoba: MyToba, Peter Gade, MyToba-Peter Gade,

Canada JR Nationals, 2016, CBCSIRC, The Carillon,  Steinbach Online,

2015 Canada Games: Profile, Manitoba Badminton, Prince George Citizen,


  • WA Open, May 2016, MS Gold
  • MB Provincials, April 2016, MS Silver
  • Yonex USA International, November 2015, MS Second round
  • Canadian Jr Nationals, April 2015, U23 MS Quarterfinals
  • Canada Winter Games, February 2015, MS Semifinals
  • BC Elite, November 2014, MS quarterfinals / MD quarterfinals
  • Prairie Elite, October 2014, MS quarterfinals / MD semifinals /X D quarterfinals
  • Canadian Jr Nationals, April 2014, U23 MS round of 16, MD quarterfinals
  • Prairie Elie, October 2013, MS quarterfinals
  • Canadian Jr Nationals, April 2013, U19 BS quarterfinals
  • Yonex Pal Chawla Jr Open, March 2013, U19BS gold, U19BD gold, U19X D gold
  • Yonex Eastman Open, February 2013, U19BS gold, U19BD gold
  • Yonex Manitoba Jr Provincials, January 2013, U19BS gold, U19BD gold, U19X D gold
  • Prairie Senior Elite, October 2012, X D quarterfinals
  • Palawan 2nd Jojo Cup (Palawan, Philippines), July 2012, X D silver
  • Wheels in Motion (Davao, Philippines), June 2012, MD quarterfinals
  • Victor Open, (Cagayan de Oro, Philippines), May 2012, X D round of 16
  • Smashcats Open, (Tucson, AZ), March 2012, MD semifinals, X D gold
  • Prima Pasta Open, (Manila, Philippines), February 2012, X D round of 16

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