Luxembourg International

Luxembourg International

The Luxembourg International has to be one of the most challenging events I have faced recently due to a large number of factors. I flew in from Jamaica, boarded three different flights that I then had to get off of due to mechanical or crew issues, was delayed by more than a day, and missed my scheduled practice. I got less than half an hour on the main courts before my match. Despite my best efforts to plan for a day and a half to practice and recover from travel, and trying to set myself up to play well things didn’t go as planned. I did my best to shake the travel out of my legs, and compete, but I have never gotten on court feeling so sluggish and exhausted. I had 50 hours of travel, and no sleep weighing my legs down and it showed. I had a very winnable match against Spain in singles, but couldn’t pull it off. Lots to learn, and nothing to it but pushing forward for the next one!

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2022 Guatemala International

Guatemala – Quarter Finals!

There has been a lot going on, and I have been working hard to improve different aspects of my game, especially the mental side of the game. Playing in Europe for the past couple months really opened my eyes to different to parts of my game. I was really happy to go to Guatemala and win my first two matches  taking me into the quarter finals. A lot of small pieces started falling into place. I made different errors in my quarter final, which just means more work to be done. 

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