Are you interested in helping me on my on my journey but unsure what to do? I have a few different ways you can help out.


I use and sell Young Living products. If you are interested in getting started yourself, or would like to just buy some product, contact me ! email at ย I use oils mostly for muscle pain and training recovery, as well as a few to help my immune system.

My favorite products are:

Peppermint- used for my headaches and allergies.

Lavender- used to help me relax and sleep, as well as helping my asthma.

Thieves- used to help kill colds and flus.

PanAway- helps to cut swelling and pain in muscles and joints.

Aromasiez- great for sore muscles, and to put on my neck for headaches



I also use and sell USANA products. Contact me if you are interested:




If you are interested in sponsoring me in return for promotional space on my website, completion jersey etc please contact me at